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A few years ago I got a call from a Sheriff’s Deputy in Northern California who had arrested what he described as the most dangerous identity thief in America, and wanting to know if I’d be interested in interviewing him (the thief) as part of my research with the Identity Theft Council.

It took us a few months to set things up, get permission to get inside the jail, and finally meet him as he served out the last few years of a seven-year sentence for his very first arrest in more than 20 years.

Then a detective I’ve worked with for years and consider a very close friend told me about a professional identity thief she’d worked with for years. “Angela” had been committing identity theft, and teaching others how, for more than thirty years, working variously as a facilitator for cartels, Mexican gangs, and the Hell’s Angels.

Now in the witness protection program after one notorious gang put a bounty on her head for daring to want to “retire” from the business, she was willing to share her experience, on camera, as long as we didn’t reveal her identity.

Thus began “In the Company of Thieves,” the first documentary to go inside the lives of professional identity thieves who were there right at the beginning.

You can see all the episodes of the finished documentary here.

But stay tuned; the Thieves are getting ready to ride again, with another series of sit-down interviews with some notorious scammers and hackers.