Data Ethics Workshop
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Our on-site workshop is not only a great way to kickstart data ethics discussions and awareness in your organization, it’s also a very visible demonstration of your commitment to ethics generally.

The two-hour workshop, led by Neal O’Farrell, will introduce key employees and team members to the concept of data ethics, how it can be a powerful competitive advantage and trust builder, and how it can specifically help to improve security and privacy.

Topics will include:

  • What ethics means.
  • Current consumer views on ethics and trust.
  • Why trust in corporations is on the decline, why ethics is to blame, and how that can be turned into an advantage.
  • The relationship between ethics and trust, and how both are seen as powerful competitive advantages.
  • The critical need for continuing consumer consent in the collection and use of data.
  • How data ethics can help improve security and privacy, and prevent data breaches.
  • Why data ethics can be great for morale and workplace performance.
  • How to view sensitive data through an ethical lens.
  • How to create and promote a data ethical workplace.
  • How to address potential data ethics challenges and conflicts.
  • Simple ideas for applying data ethics to your job.

The workshop will encourage participants to engage and discuss, share their views of ethics, how ethics currently works (and might not work) in their workplace or role, the kinds of data they encounter and how ethics can be specifically applied.

Neal will also weave in his nearly four decades of global security and privacy experience, and his blunt Irish charm, to highlight how relevant data ethics can be in prevent data breaches and privacy failures.



Contact us at or call Neal O'Farrell directly at (925) 914 0248.

The workshop is also available as a webinar, split into shorter segments to make it more accessible.


"Please bring back this speaker - topic was fascinating. Satisfaction rating was one of our highest ever!"
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