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Ethicause is the first company to offer data ethics training for all employees, as both a way to help reduce the risk of a data breach or privacy failure, and to help reduce the cost and impact when such an event occurs.

And with trust in severe decline across most sectors and brands, ethics training can also help fuel and insulate brand reputation.

And data ethics as a security and privacy tool has a growing legion of fans.


Our Current Training Programs

Ethicause currently offers a number of training options, designed to supplement and complement existing security and privacy training.

Our online training program is a great way to get employees started on the path to data ethics. The program runs for 60 minutes, with 8 short lessons, and all in an easy-to-access, non-technical format that can run as a video or as a PowerPoint presentation.

That same program is also available as a live and on-demand webinar, and can be uniquely branded and customized just for your organization.


Need Something More Hands On?

Our half-day data ethics workshop is a great way to kickstart your data ethics program and an opportunity for your employees to meet the creator of the program in person and get an up-close-and-personal experience of his infectious passion for this topic.


Time For A Visit From The DEA?

Relax, it’s your Data Ethics Advocate – a great complement to your existing security and privacy efforts that can include data ethics planning and governance, planning and policy development, employee education, and messaging and communications.

Not to mention a great way to publicly showcase your commitment to ethics across your organization. Contact us at info@ethicause.com to learn more.


About The Founder

Ethicause was founded by Neal O’Farrell, one of the very first generation of security and privacy experts and with more than 35 years global experience in some of the most challenging security environments.

He was also the only security expert invited to advise the STOCK Act panel, empaneled by Congress in 2013 to study the impacts of an amendment to the Ethics in Government Act. Meet him.


Additional Services:

  • External Data Ethics Advocate.
  • Data ethics policy, documentation, and training development.
  • Specialized training for legal and compliance, security and privacy, PR and communications.
  • A Data Ethics seal.
  • Monthly newsletter and email tips.


Data Ethics News

"Data ethics should almost certainly be placed on business school courses." (The Financial Times, July 2019)

As FTC cracks down, data ethics is now a strategic business weapon (TechCrunch, July 2019)

Is an ethical data framework the only way to rebuild consumer trust? (The Drum, July 2019)